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Fraud: From internal investigations, to covert surveillance, we can help you detect and prove. We are used by insurance companies, big business, and small companies alike.

Missing Person: There are all types of reasons a person could be "missing". Whether a person wants to be found, or does not even know they are "missing" can play into a skip trace. We are equipped to handle all types of missing persons cases. Our team will work efficiently to help you through your case.

Criminal: Sometimes an independent investigation can help resolve a criminal case. It can also give you a second opinion when the results of a Police investigation are not clear. Our team has experienced investigators who can help resolve your problem.

Loss Prevention: Statistics show that 30% of a company’s loss comes from external theft. Additionally statistics show that 45% to 60% of all loss comes from internal theft. Montana Investigative Group has Loss Prevention Specialists on staff to cater to your company’s needs. Whether it is catching petty shoplifters and till skimmers, or organized retail thieves, and embezzling employees, we can develop a program that will help reduce your loss. Our team is skilled at integrity interviews, to increase admission amounts, and secure more evidence.

Surveillance: Surveillance is an art, which should not be attempted by the novice. There is a fine line between surveillance and stalking or harassment. Our team is experienced and accomplished in stationary or mobile surveillance.


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